Teeth Whitening in Richmond BC

At Spectrum Dental, we offer both a one hour in-office teeth whitening procedure, and a custom take home tray whitening system.

One hour in office teeth whitening

Before Teeth Whitening After Teeth Whitening

For the one hour in-office whitening, we first prepare the teeth by isolating them and then apply a professional strength, specially formulated whitening gel. This gel is applied over the span of 3 sessions, each taking approximately 15 minutes. To complete the procedure, we apply a soothing desensitizing treatment. From start to finish, the entire procedure takes approximately one hour. The results of in office whitening are immediate, and on average, your teeth will be 8 shades whiter than your original tooth colour. To help maintain your results over time, you can also follow up with the customized take-home trays for at home treatment.

Custom at-home tooth whitening trays

For more gradual results, our patients can use a custom tray take-home teeth whitening system, which requires only 30-60 minutes of treatment, once or twice a day. You will start to see results within 4 days of use, and maximum results will be seen within 7 days of application. On average, your teeth will become 6 shades whiter than your original colour using this method. While a slower and more gentle procedure, the effects of take-home teeth whitening last longer than the one hour in-office whitening procedure.

Tooth Whitening Tray